Wedding Garter Sets

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Common Sense Tips to be Successful

We are all looking for a way to make life better but what it comes down to is looking at what others are doing and trying to model your efforts after what’s already being done. Success is not about recreating the wheel… it’s all about “little” modification with your own personality on it… isn’t that what everyone talks about anyway… it’s never about the newest thing that makes anyone successful… it’s all about small changes or improvements that we make that makes things what they are.

Tip 1: Keep it simple; watch others… I can’t reiterate enough how important it is to look at what others are doing.

Tip 2: Set goals for yourself… if you don’t know where you want to go do you honestly think your lazy but is ever going to get there ?

Tip 3: Action Plan…. You already know what your goals are, do you have benchmarks set so that you know what you’re going to do every step of the way. Anyone can write “my 30 days to success” so chart out what you’re going to do day by day to get there… because goals are only a piece of the puzzle. Most importantly “Don’t rush to get there”.

Tip 4: Listen…. Oh my god… what a concept.. half of us trying to get somewhere want to tell someone who’s already there how to do what they are already doing right ! If you spend all your time talking then you’re never going to hear the message you need to hear to get to where you want to be.

Tip 5: Stay current…. If you’re so conservative about things just staying the way they’ve always been…. honestly I don’t know how successful you really want to be.

Tip 6: Talk about success… the most successful people talk and breathe it all day long. If you’re all about the negative then guess what you’re bound to stay right behind the front door while the rest of the world is actually “doing something”.

Tip 7: Motivation… Figure out what is going to motivate you to “be successful”. For some of us it’s “things” and for others it may be your children so do a little sitting and write down what’s going to motivate you.

Tip 8: Keep it Real… Money is a vehicle in this society and we need it to keep things moving, but DON’T PUT IT FIRST.. however be real with yourself about the importance of money in society and in your life.. not only for you and your piece of mind but for what you want your children to be able to accomplish in life as well. No one wants to say it but money really is important and it certainly gives us all piece of mind.

Tip 9: Patience… Success is NOT overnight; success is “progressive” with many avenues to it and as it’s been stated before “Don’t Rush” as that alone can kill the work and time that you’ve invested into it. Be patient and the fruits of your labor will come. If you work hard in your lifetime you’ll always have something positive to show for it.

Tip 10: The Epiphany… You don’t know what you don’t know until you know what you don’t know. So get out there and learn so you can join the rest of the successful people out there.

Good Luck!

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Is Solar Power the key Energy

An uncertain global economy is causing fluctuating energy prices, is it time to claim energy independence through solar technology or is it an unnecessary cost during the economic downturn?

A barrel of oil, which reached an all time high, a drop of more than half, although it’s a dramatic drop it has been mirrored in many other fuels. However the average household energy bill, which increased by up to one third in the summer hike, is yet to see the benefit of the falling market. Ed Mayo (2009), chief executive of Consumer Focus, confirms, Energy companies all put their prices up arguing that it was down to rising cost of oil and gas, but now that is reversed, we are seeing delay, blather and procrastination.

This situation is particularly infuriating when placed in the context of a global recession. As consumer goods become more expensive and household incomes are slashed, cheaper energy could be a lifeline for families and businesses alike and would facilitate a speedier recovery from the downturn. Collusion between the big energy companies has also been questioned, with providers increasing costs at the same time and now delaying cuts together to ensure maximum profits.

With condemnation coming from all directions including the Prime Minister’s office and so little action it is clear that the industry regulators are ineffectual and the companies are free to hold the consumer to ransom.

It is easy to become frustrated when reading this information and it’s not hard to see why more and more people are taking control of their own energy needs by installing PV solar power technology.

Solar power isn’t a new technology, in fact it dates back to ancient times when the Greeks and the Chinese would design buildings that faced towards the south to provide optimum heat and light, however active harnessing of solar energy had its first significant application as a back-up power supply to the Vanguard I satellite in 1958 becoming a prototype for today’s residential solar panels. Throughout the 1960s the high cost of solar cells meant that terrestrial use was limited, however in the 1970s price levels made technology a feasible option for remote areas without grid access such as oil rigs and tele-com stations. The rising cost of fuel continued to drive the enhancement of the technology until the early 1980s when a falling oil price led to a reduction in funding, shifting leadership in the sector from the US to Germany and Japan.

Now that energy efficiency has been placed high on the agenda of many national governments, all sorts of initiatives are available for households and businesses willing to generate their own power. Across Europe many countries have long established tariffs allowing individuals to sell their surplus energy back to the grid, encouraging energy sustainability through financial incentives, dispelling one of the major drawbacks of solar, the installation cost.

The second drawback with this energy is that it requires greater efficiency on the part of individuals; in order to make the most out of solar power many recognize that by fitting energy saving light bulbs, using energy efficient appliances and turning electronic devices off standby can help to generate more excess power and thus more money. Your lifestyle need not be compromised – just made more efficient.

The idea of a major shift to solar technologies has always true that the technologies on offer today could not supply the major heavy industries, however by adopting more efficient technologies smaller businesses and households could be running on solar power, not only cutting their high-priced energy overheads but also making money selling the excess.

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The Benefits of Gardening

Gardening is one of the simplest and most fruitful, pun intended, hobbies in the country. Even those in the urban areas are rapidly discovering the wonders of this activity. So although they don’t have the garden patch on their backyard that they can show off, they make one several feet above the ground in their condominium units and apartment buildings.

Gardening, after all, does not only involve a large patch of land. One can actually do gardening in pots. Even taking care of orchids and other aerial plants are also considered gardening. Starting small is actually quirt good especially if you do not have much experience yet. Not all people have a green thumb and it is best to take care of only a few so that you will be able to fully focus on each of the plants.

Remember that gardening may look as simple as watering them every morning and putting fertilizers, but the task is more than that. It actually involves a lot of work and can take a great deal of time especially if you have many plants to take care of.

Most people think that gardening is only for aesthetic purposes but the fact is, there are a lot of things that gardening can offer, not only to people but also to the environment. Below are just some of the benefits that one can get from gardening. Read on and you might be encouraged to get on with the craze.


Although it may indeed involve a lot of work, from watering the plants to cutting the unwanted shrubs in the surrounding areas, gardening relaxes people. This is especially true with people who are already used to the task and are simply enjoying the “flowers” of their labor.

Gardening, in fact, has been known to be effective therapy with people who are depressed or those with manic tendencies. Plants soothes the emotions and calms the person.

Clean air

Science books have told us that plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, an air that we need to survive. When there are plants in the house, the air is healthier as plants already filter the air when they make food and then give off clean air. This is the reason why people find cleaner air in the suburbs compared to the cities… perhaps because there are more trees there than in the rustle-bustle of urban areas.


The home with plants is also cooler than those that do not have any. This is because of the shades that plants provide. The branches and the leaves of the plants protect the house from the direct rays of the sun and of course the leaves in itself absorb the sunlight. Plants need the sunlight to make or process their own food.


Hands down, a house with plants and flowers is more beautiful than any house with great architectural design. Having plants at home provides flashes of colors that are wonderful to look at especially when combined with the general design of the house. Especially good in providing aesthetic appeal are orchids and sunflowers which provide a cheery and bright atmosphere to any home.

Food on the table

You can actually choose to plant vegetables that you and your family can enjoy at the dining table. This actually beats having to buy veggies in the market because you know that what you have planted is clean and free from pesticides and other chemicals that are used in commercial planting.

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Stay Hydrated To Enjoy Hot Summer Days

After a long, cold winter, Canadians can’t wait for summer! But often, summertime, welcome as it is, can bring sweltering heat and unbearable humidity, which can lead to dehydration.

Canadians need to be prepared for hot summer days. The most important thing to remember is to drink plenty of fluids to keep the body hydrated.

“For some people, drinking eight or ten glasses of water a day is hard to do. I encourage people who have difficulty drinking so much water to supplement their water intake with other fluids they enjoy drinking, like juices and lemonade – focusing on beverages without caffeine or alcohol,” says Sandra Edwards, Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist.

Canadians, it seems, understand the importance of hydration because beverage sales peak during the dog days of summer.
When it gets really hot out, there’s nothing quite like a tall, cool glass of Brisk Lemonade to quench your thirst.”

When the body sweats, it not only loses vital moisture but essential minerals too, including potassium, a mineral found in abundance in fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy snacks replenishes minerals and helps absorb and retain fluids. So, remember to stock up on fresh summer fruits and veggies to stay hydrated and refreshed.

Even at work, you can dry out in the summertime. Just because air-conditioned environments keep you cool, doesn’t mean you’re safe from dehydration. Climate-controlled buildings can zap body’s vital moisture. So sip on refreshing drinks, like water, iced-teas or lemonade all work-day long.

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Old Age and Snoring

Snoring is the creation of unpleasing noises during the night while sleeping that is caused due to obstruction of the free flow of the air passages. The obstructed passage is in the region pertaining to the back of the mouth and the nose, and the proper flow of the air is not allowed during breathing process. The collapsible spot is where the upper throat and the tongue meet are the uvula and the soft plate which vibrates creating noise. Snoring occurs when these soft tissues strike against each other with the flow of air and causes noisy vibrations.

Snoring can sometimes be a moderate problem or it can be considered a very serious problem. Snoring may cause several disorders and it can affect women during the pregnancy. It is directly related to causing sleepless nights and making a person become very irritable during the day due to sleep deprivation. Snoring can also be in the dire zones of sleep apnea, and this could call for a sleep specialist.

Some of the physical reasons for snoring are structural and may be due to narrow jaws, enlarged tongue, or tonsils, enlarged adenoids, a more than normal thick soft palate, a crooked septum or even small nasal passages can cause of snoring. Sometimes, dental implants can also on occasions start snoring issues and a physician or sleep specialist should be consulted if any of these causes are directly snoring related. We all change with age while some of us, so with age, physical problems are able to exacerbate over time into bigger physical issues and eventually cause snoring problems.

As we get older and physically change occur that may become a problem with snoring over time, because of muscles of tongue, soft tissues of the back nose and throat area becoming softer and more relaxed overall. As these muscles become weaker with age, the snoring can be more frequent and even overtime move into the danger zone of one of the three main sleep apnea stages that can cause very serious medical concerns for eventual deterioration of your health and well-being.

There are some major snoring factors are directly to outside causes and affect the individual, but can also be controlled. These are issues with allergies and sinus problems, consumption of alcohol, sedatives, and excessive or even regular smoking, are all major factors in the disruption of normal sleep patterns that can eventually lead to snoring over time. These factors decrease the lung capacities and directly cause irregular breathing. This is especially true for those who continue with poor health habits even as they age.

Snoring which is extremely loud and then suddenly stops with broken up frequent episodes of short silence to only start again is known as sleep apnea. Very serious episodes can last up to ten seconds and can occur more than seven times per hour. People who are affected with sleep apnea experience such serious episodes from 30 to 300 times per a night. These issues are to be taken very seriously because they are directly tied in with elevated blood pressures and even enlargement of heart may occur. Sleep apnea can become worse with age and are to be discussed with a physician, because of the direct health damage over time.

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First Aid for heatstroke

Heatstroke is a life-threatening condition in which the body’s temperature rises far above normal. The body’s temperature control mechanism fails, sweating may stop and the body temperature rises rapidly. When you notice rapid pulse, noisy breathing, convulsions or vomiting and hot, flushed skin, give first aid for heatstroke.

1. Check the casualty for symptoms of heatstroke. Lowering the body temperature is the most urgent first aid for heatstroke.
2. Move the casualty to a cool, shaded place or indoors if possible. Call for medical help.
3. Cool the casualty by removing clothing, covering with a wet sheet, immersing in cool water or sponging with cool water, especially in the armpits, neck and groin areas.
4. When the body feels cool to the touch, cover the casualty with a dry sheet. If temperature begins to rise again, repeat step three.
5. Continue to monitor the casualty until medical help is available.

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Gardening to Save Money

How to Save Money by Growing More of Your Own Food

Grow highly productive vegetables lots of yield for the space allocated – that you enjoy eating and that you can harvest from spring through fall.

Since you’re limited to the surface area that you have on the ground, go vertical to get the most production from the space that you have.

Waste nothing. Eat it, share it with someone in the community, or compost it.

Money-saving Vegetables

Pole beans they’re delicious, good for you, can be harvested over a long period of time, and the seeds are easy to plant. A single 20 foot row of pole beans on a homemade twine trellis will provide dozens of fresh servings and some extra beans to freeze for later.

Growing beans on a trellis also makes them easier to pick than bush beans, there’s little bending or stooping required.

Greens packed with Nutrients, spinach, Swiss chard, and mixes are more interesting and more nutritious than lettuce. Bright lights Swiss chard is also extremely attractive in the garden.

Tomatoes are America’s #1 home garden vegetable and for good reasons. Entire books have been dedicated to the tomato! There are many gardening benefits to growing tomatoes, they’re good for you, they’re tasty, they add delightful color to the garden, and the dollar value of the yield can be very significant.

Peas are another high-yield crop. They’re not as easy, and not quite as productive as pole beans, but, if you have the space, Sugar Snap or Sugar Ann peas are wonderful because you can eat the entire pod.

Leaf lettuce is extremely easy to grow from seed and will yield plenty of produce over a long period of time. Multiple plantings will extend your harvest. You can save a lot of money by growing your own.

Less Obvious Money-Saving Gardening Ideas

Composting making your own compost is, by far, the best long-term investment you can make for your garden. There is just nothing better than natural compost for your garden’s soil. It will help your plants defend themselves from diseases, too!

Grow Your Own Tomato Plants from Seeds – it’s fun and it’s easier than you might think. All you need is a container (egg carton, yogurt cups, etc), a little soil, and a sunny windowsill.

An Apple a Day well, not immediately. How about planting an apple tree? Apple trees are great dual purpose trees, obviously they provide good fruit; but, they’re also an attractive shade tree.

Garden Grown Gifts home grown vegetables and flowers make wonderful hostess gifts. All you need is a little basket or vase, and you can create a gift that is inexpensive and attractive at the same time

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Help for Troubled Teens

Troubled teens are often confused and frightened. They affect everyone in their life; mom, dad, brothers and sisters — the entire family unit. Troubled teens have more of a negative impact than they think they do. The “troubled teen epidemic” has many parents, schoolteachers, and school administrators at their ‘wits end’.

A troubled teen is typically classified as one who is in the adolescent stage of life displaying self-destructive behaviors. A troubled teens life has simply gotten out of control. He/she may be using drugs and alcohol, is usually disrespectful, belligerent, rude, defiant — and when it comes down to it, he/she doesn’t value family or themselves. Troubled teens tend to be involved in things that can ruin their life — or even end it!

Troubled teens need professional intervention in an environment that is restrictive and isolated from any possibility of any substance abuse. When troubled teens are removed from their current environment, the first step toward help and progress is made. “Troubled teen programs” should also focus on the special needs of parents who are struggling with an adolescent, particularly those parents who have teenagers who are at high risk for behavioral, emotional, and academic problems that can affect their ability to succeed in school.

Our goal is to connect parents of troubled teens to the information and resources they need to quickly identify risk factors and take appropriate action to help their adolescents. For parents with troubled teens, you can contact our Site Sponsor, Mark Hutten at, for possible solutions.

Are you looking for a teen help school, teen boot camp, or youth program for troubled teens? There are literally thousands of organizations designed to help troubled teens. Online Parent Support has helped thousands of parents get the information and advice about the best schools and programs that specialize in helping troubled teens. We have many years of experience working with a wide range of schools and programs for troubled teens throughout the U.S.

Parents often find it difficult to identify when a child is at risk for dropping out of school, failing classes, violence, drug or alcohol use, suicide, and other dangerous or self-defeating behaviors. When in “crisis-mode,” parents often seek out ‘boot camps’ with the assumption that a “wake up call” is all that is needed for their troubled teen.

Parents of struggling teens, who wait too long, failing to enact a substantial early-intervention program, usually regret that they waited. Parents with troubled teens who have struggled with finding solutions sometimes feel as if they have no place to turn. Parents need to be aware that drug use generally begins months, or even years, before parents actually do become aware of their teens drug use.

Parents often get into the cycle of denial, always finding a way to explain the behavior away so as to avoid the pain that is inevitable when you take decisive action with a rebellious, defiant child. Parents will do best if they look at their individual situation and decide for themselves if the teenager is on a self-destructive path. Parents who take an honest look at their child should trust their instincts — if you think your child is in trouble, take action now.

Parents of troubled teens — across the country — are realizing that they need help dealing with a son or daughter that is making poor decisions, and they do what they have to do to keep their teenager from self-destructing.

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Preamplifier Audio Interface Solution

As an artist, you are looking for the ideal preamplifier audio interface solution that help transfer any analog or digital audio source easily, then you can find the great art usb phono plus from guitar center. The USB Phono Plus is a high performance audio interface and transferring any vinyl collection to your computer or laptop accurately. Make use it to your computers with native USB support to allow use as a stand-alone phono pre-amp that ensure maximum versatility.
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